Tech Pack Design Process for Denim

Basic RGB

Preparing tech packs for denim is slightly different than any other garment styles as there is certain extra processing that goes in a denim jeans tech pack. The basic difference is in its washing and processing detailing. Unlike any other fabrics denim fabrics are bit tough to handle and therefore the detailing given on the denim is little tricky. You can give every detailing on a pen and paper except the washing detailing. Any denim washing factory would always ask for a sample or a rendered illustration to know where they need to focus on the washing and scrubbing.

In denim there are many types of embellishment which do not have any technical explanation. Tech pack designer with experience in handling denim fabric can only help making the tech pack of denim garments. Not all technical designer are fit for preparing tech pack of denim garments. They need special skills as well as practical knowledge on denim washing technique.


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