Check List to Start Apparel Business

Step Check List to Start and Run a Successful Apparel Brand

Every business has a life cycle so as apparel business. However, there are multiple phases that apparel business goes through unlike other business. When you plan for a successful apparel brand, you must have knowledge and at least idea of the basic steps that goes in building an apparel brand. You may broadly catheterize them as below.

1. Register Your Brand and Logo:

The first step to have your great apparel brand is registering your brand and its logo which first would enable you to lock your brand logo. USA Region you may do it online Other countries have their own regulations to register the trade mark.

2. Research & Concept Building Phase:

Planning product lines to ensure the right products are in the right space and at the right price and during the right season are the key to apparel business. The second and most important point is to transitioning line creation from a product-focused to customer-focused process. Based on this two core idea in mind the brand should first develop the concept which suits both the products and consumer acceptance. Any miscalculation on the above two lines could lead to a low profit margin or even loss in business. When you are planning for a harvesting crop you should put your seed properly. As far as the creative concept is concerned, it has absolutely has no limits and no control. Every individual has different thoughts and so as the concept and inspiration would quite depend on that. Only thing that you should consider or ask yourself is how acceptable your idea and creative concept to the mass? May it be your locality, state, country or globally. This is therefore needs a lot of dig down, research and consultation and market survey. You must take the assistance of a Tech Pack Designer to proceed from this stage on words. Secondly, your uniqueness. How you are different than others and how sure you are that you can make a fashion statement. You must find your market niche which give your brand an identity and would differ from other existing brands. At the same time other factors are your business plan and financial plan part of it. This two are important because provides the fuel to run the engine.

Once the above steps are done the next is to put your creative ideas in to paper in terms of sketch board. The idea is to give your thoughts and inspirations a visual idea to take it further to the next level. It hardly matters how good you are in sketching as long as you are able to convey your ideas to the tech pack designer to prepare the tech pack and measurement spec sheet. At this point you should also give the idea of what exactly you are going to produce or have them on your line sheets. For example weather you are looking out to have your line sheet of knitted garments, woven garments, silks , sweater or mix of everything or combination of it. This is completely your idea and how you execute it further would be your own decision.

Apparel Concept Building

3. Translating Designs in to Technical Specifications ( Tech Packs & Spec Sheets)

Please visit our blog for a detailed studio about apparel design and tech pack design process. If you want to hire our tech pack designer for your collection design and technical design you can use the contact form of our main website :  Please visit us and send a note to us for more details. Check our Freelance Clothing Designer Portfolio on the link.


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