Sample Development Process for Apparel Production

You can not get the exact cost of production of a garment unless you have done the sample development for this. And for a sample to come out right you need to have perfect apparel tech pack and garment pattern. So it is important for any buyer to prepare those documents from a skilled and experienced apparel tech pack designer and pattern maker. Once the tech pack and specs are done you should approach the clothing manufacturer.

The sample development process goes through several phases like garment development sample, Garment Fit sample , Photo shoot Sample and Pre-Production sample. Usually the Samples are first prepared to make sure the overall structure and look of the garment comes out as given on techpacks and on the approval of the Development sample the comments are then taken in to consideration. There might be many practical issues which pops out while preparing the Development sample. Those gaps are then commented and identified and the required alterations are done and if required the alterations are also done on the design, techpack and pattern. Once the development sample is fully approved and the client gives a move ahead the next stage is to prepare the fit samples. During this period the Pattern Gradation is also prepared and samples for each size set is prepared.

Once we are done with the development and fit sample approval we touch the actual production fabric and prepare Photo Shoot Sample and Pre-Production Sample. Sometimes the clients club both the pre production sample and Photo shoot sample together to curb the cost.


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